WebTECH Beginner's Workshop

4 Days Free Workshop By PRADEEP KAUSHIK

About Course

Learn all the basic of HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, PHP and MySQL Web Technologies in only 4 days of the workshop, where we will completely focus on practical knowledge.(Online Tranning)

Basics of HTML & CSS For Beginers

Basics are always very important to get success in any field. After this, you will be able to code in HTML & CSS both to design a Web Page.

Learn Basics of CSS & Bootstrap

Learn how to design and customize a responsive website with CSS and Bootstrap.

Basics of PHP & MySQL

Complete basic of PHP and MySQL to code business logics and server side programming.

Day 1:

Basics of HTML & CSS

Day 2:

Basics of CSS & Bootstrap

Day 3:

PHP – Server Side Scripting

Day 4:

Advance PHP and My SQL (3 Demo Project)