Programming Mastery & Logic Building


About Course

Programming Mastery & Logic Building course is completely focused on programming basics in “C Language” and learn how to convert your logic into code. You will also get the road map to be a successful Software Developer. (Online Course)

Programming Basics in C Language

Basics are always very important to get success in any field. After this you will be able to write programs and learn any programming languages.

Learn How to Convert Logics into Code

Programming is all about converting your logics into the code to solve any problem. The Course includes lots of practices to improve the logic building capability in programming.

Road Map to be a Successful Software Developer

You will get the complete career guidance to be a successful Software Developer.

Day 1:

Introduction to C, Environment Setup, Basic Syntax of C & First Program

Day 2:

Data Types & Operators in C

Day 3:

Decision Control & Flow Chart

Day 4:

Programer’s Mindset

Day 5:

Logical Operators & Nested If..else

Day 6:

Loop Control Structure

Day 7:

For Loop & Pattern’s Logic Building in Programming

Day 8:

Other Control Statements(break, continue, goto) and Introduction to Array

Day 9:

Array of Arrays in C

Day 10:

Strings in C

Day 11:

Storage Classes in C

Day 12:

Pointers and It’s Type in C

Day 13:

Function & Recursion in C

Day 14:

Required Skills to crack interview for freshers

Day 15:

Superstar Developer Skills & Next Level